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Whatsapp has become as one of the best and frequently used messaging application as it provides different features to user which makes it convenient for them to text as well as share media among others.  

In order to know how to install Whatsapp on mobile users are required to follow some simple steps as under

1        Open play store

2        In the search box enter whatsapp

3        Among the search option select a green logo having phone enclosed in it

4        Select the install button

Whatsapp now also provides the feature of voice calling through which they can connect to other users of whatsapp. The calling charge is adjusted through the data pack only. In order to get the calling feature of whatsapp, users are required to follow the given steps

1        Get the latest version of whatsapp 2.12.14

2        Once you get the latest version on your phone ask someone who has whatsapp calling feature on his phone

3        Once the calling feature is installed, users will get three tab layout for call, contact and chat each

WhatsApp is also available for desktop also which help users to work easily on desktop also.

There are two ways through which users can use whatsapp on desktop, either by download it on desktop or by scanning QR code.

In order to download whatsapp follow the given steps

1        Go to the download page of whatsapp

2        Once downloaded, open the file to install whatsapp

3        Once the whatsapp is installed on your computer scan the QR code to login

To scan QR code and use whatsapp, users are required to follow the given steps

1        For android, go to chats screen then menu then whatsapp web

2        For Iphone, go to settings then whatsapp web

3        For windows phone, go to chats screen then menu then whatsapp web

In case users find any issues they can also call on the whatsapp helpline number and discuss their issues.


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