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WhatsApp Technical Support 

Whatsapp has become as one of the best and frequently used messaging application as it provides different features to user which makes it convenient for them to text as well as share media among others.  

In order to know how to install Whatsapp on mobile users are required to follow some simple steps as under

1        Open play store

2        In the search box enter whatsapp

3        Among the search option select a green logo having phone enclosed in it

4        Select the install button

Whatsapp now also provides the feature of voice calling through which they can connect to other users of whatsapp. The calling charge is adjusted through the data pack only. In order to get the calling feature of whatsapp, users are required to follow the given steps

1        Get the latest version of whatsapp 2.12.14

2        Once you get the latest version on your phone ask someone who has whatsapp calling feature on his phone

3        Once the calling feature is installed, users will get three tab layout for call, contact and chat each

WhatsApp is also available for desktop also which help users to work easily on desktop also.

There are two ways through which users can use whatsapp on desktop, either by download it on desktop or by scanning QR code.

In order to download whatsapp follow the given steps

1        Go to the download page of whatsapp

2        Once downloaded, open the file to install whatsapp

3        Once the whatsapp is installed on your computer scan the QR code to login

To scan QR code and use whatsapp, users are required to follow the given steps

1        For android, go to chats screen then menu then whatsapp web

2        For Iphone, go to settings then whatsapp web

3        For windows phone, go to chats screen then menu then whatsapp web

In case users find any issues they can also call on the whatsapp helpline and discuss their issues.


Imran Bashir

Dear sir 

I would to informe you that yestrday 28-01-2019 at 1:30pm some one call my wife mob numder +917509200440 Hina Imran he toke some personal informetion and locked whatsapp the He sending frome her mob no +971509200440 msg for update ATM card and update ATM card frome here whatsapp.Now frome yestrday here whatsapp is showing banned.please can you hele me who i can resat my Whatsapp.

Imran Bashir


thanks and regards. 

Radhi Hudijan

My number have been banned suddenly. Can any one help me how to unban it ,??? The number is 0060122338070


My number is banned please remove my number my number is 9586149839

venkat nellipuri


this is venkat,  i have been waiting for OTP code to login my whats app account but i have't got that code till now  form since 2 days onwards ,  so i would like to ask  whats happening there  coz, you peoples does't what to do like that,  but why  its delaying ,  plz first  solve this problem .  Thanks . 

mike meyerheim

i am requesting a phone number i can call now for help tranfering things from old phone to new one

javed ali

dear sir my whatsapp is banned please my help my whatsapp Accoun is hack my whatsaap Account no remove 03003481873

imran khan

hello i need sms code  ...i am in vacation 00971505776457 number  i need a whatssp code ......its need sim i have let behind can u plz update sytem like fb account reover by email or sms .....its a big problem 4 me ......i have clients to chat..

can u send by email  or 00923331004036..send me dis number sms code of 00971505776457 help me out u can check da account its unactivate now 

Shaidil Rashid

Why my number pin from sms and call not verify my WhatsApp.6 digit.


Amala Amaal

Hi sir 

    I have 2 wtsp one I'm using always my India number  one my uae number that wtsp I'm uae only some times,  but last 2 month I didn't opn that acunt I delet already wtsp,,  12/10/2018 Friday   my frend add my uae num one group   I didn't get any msg  coz now I'm not using...  Today i saw my frnd mobile   I exit that group . How ?   I m not using that wtsp  then how showed my num left    I don't understand ,  last 2 month I'm not using wtsp  then how come like that?  Pls help me... Nobody  using my number I know... I need help pls help   pls 

Munesh kumar Sharma

My namber haking please my WhatsApp stop his nambar0567531404 please sir


Michelle Gleeson


I recently changed to a new phone and while installing WhatsApp I entered in the wrong 2 code security as I thought it was sending me the codes through email and instead it was through text. I then sort of got locked out and it won’t send me any new codes to enter to install it. I even waited 7 days and tried again with no luck. Can someone help me?



Oluwseun Babade

My whatsapp number has been banned please turn it on again 09026219518

Naguru GURU

requesting to on and activate my number +60194132757 which was banned temporary .I am fully understand the term ,condition and policies as per stated

Imran Mehboob

Hi sir,

My WhatsApp number has been banned please unbanned my WhatsApp no 


I have a problem with my number cannot use a whatsapp anymore...can u check



Nadia Kashif

My account is banned why 

ravinder pal
My whatsup is hack
Bernadine Falase
I blocked someone then unblocked them and they still are not getting my messages nor can they send me a message. Help please
sanjana rao

Hi sir / ma'am 

I just came to USA and i have only home phone i don't have moble so i want download whatsapp please help me can you send me code through email please replly me 


Thanks and regards

Sanjana rao

rahul prajapat

I have share link using WhatsApp web in my iPhone. web link image and title do not display on sending web link.
please let me know what's the issue.

Gamini Sarath

actually my WhatsApp number Is hacked please help me thanks Ghrayeb

Hello, my whats app number blocked I can't open it can you fixed my problem pliiz

Sadiq Khan

My WhatsApp acvountais banned iIdontdoknow why, how it will unbanned

Jungsher Khan

Hi sir 

Sir my whatsapp is not working some one is hack my whatsapp now is not workin

hari b

I can't receive my verification code. I had Reinstalled my whatsapp account, now I can't access because I Didn't receive verification code till now. It's showing wait for 2hours. May I know what is the reason for this. 

arpit mehta


Ntomboxolo Magocoba

I need to retrieve my videos and my what's app photos for the past 2 years I need to know how much that will cost me, this information is needed as evidence urgently please help



Lim Stary

Dear sir,

I've this problem in WhatsApp setup, that's due too many WhatsApp codes which I entered which was inapplicable for WhatsApp to function. Please kindly enlighten me to resolve this at your earliest convenient.

Thank you!

Yours Truly




Natraj Kamble

My whatsapp app not opening , I did uninstall and install new versions on 2day 13-02-2018.

So please solve my issue 



Sakir Ali

Dear sir can you help me plz inform me any whatsapp contest in dubai 2018 January ?

What mean this contest lucky 5 person win 25 lakh Indian currency plz sir inform me true or not plz plz..

Mandar Daswant

I am unable to install Whatsup in my mobile.

Please solve the issue.

Felicity Fields


I have been using WhatsApp on my phone for the last eighteen months and have been able to keep in contact with friends and relatives. However since 18th January 2018 WhatsApp has ceased to support my phone ( Nokia Lumia 520). Neither can I afford nor do I want do purchase a new phone.

. How can I continue using WhatsApp?

I am very upset about this and because I can not longer use WhatsApp I am missing out on important news and information supplied by friends and relatives.

l look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards

Felicity Fields Cyppy

My whatsapp not function at the moment need help 

Tan Diana

I've use new phone Samsung note8. u I've send me code. after the code, it prompt me for 2-step verification code.

I not sure how to go about doing what u I've asked for. Kindly advise what shd I do?

I need help urgently. as too many hours ive not able to sign-in for many hours...

Abid Jang

hi, I have a question is there any way to find out chat history from my whatsapp to any specific number?like I want to have a history of one WhatsApp number who I chat with ?? Please guid me in this 

thanks for your support I will wait for your reply 

Pradeep Minj

Sir we lost a samsung mobile on 2 december at ambikapur state chhattisgarh and it include whatsup account with mob no 7773834175 and now it is being used by some else pls help us so that no body could misuse 

Hema Desai

Right now I am travelling out of my country,i dont have my contact number and i want to start my whatapp.I had a problem with my phone so i had to reset it again n my whatapp has stop working.Now when i am starting they are asking for my verification code .But since i dont have any phone number in this country have do i give verification code.

Macdouglas Curry

I need to know why for a call with verification code the system is saying  try back hours later?

Kannan Govindarajan

IN A GROUP CHAT,  Please provide provision to have different chat windows, within a group some like to discuss politics, some literature, some share latest news, some comedy.

This can keep the group happy rather than having displeasure but cannot leave the group.'




shashikant shirsath

i m not getting whts app toll free no in mumbai india.and live support team chat also 

devendhiran kannusamy

please help me my whatsup verify code problem help 

mahesh reddy

Hi Team,
Unfortunately  my whats app one of the user selected Reported spam and block list, after that user chat conversion backup has been not showing.please kindly request you to restore my old backup.

please request you to backup is more importent for me.


mahesh reddy

Respected sir/mam
Unfortunately  my whats app one of the user selected as a Reported spam and block list, after that what i selected user chat conversion backup has been not showing.please kindly request you to restore my old backup.


She Nee Tan

After update my whatapps since last Friday 3/11/2017. Then can't open the whatapp now. Pls help 

Linda Allen

I am trying to ring by phone. No luck

i am having problems downloading what's app on to the pho app on both iPhone and iPad. This happened about a month ago.   I have just been in touch with apple support and they have tried but cannot help any more and suggest a ring you.    Please help me.  Preferably by phone.  Land line.  00441539435522.   Thank you

sham sham

My wasap cannot open...

Why wasap many time want the password?

Why wasap have take many time to open or approve?

I want open the wasap for my job...

subhasish mitra

Sir,i can not get whatsapp verification code from last friday,please send me whatsapp verification number  

My whatsapp number 7384111157

Dave Macchione

im trying to add my friend but her number isn't saving and isn't showing up as a contact. She sent me this number 89963373601

Avinash Rai

Sir actually I losted my all text chat automatically but  while during  the backup  me losted it and cant get it ;Sir I wanna mine total text chat backu !! How I will get it please sir help me!!1

Nadeem Aaaaa

the new update on what’s is very confusing to forward. It’s not simple. It’s highly frustrating 

Ali Alreda

Dear Sirs,

whatsapp is an amazing mean of communication, i would like to ask if possible add video call to whatsapp Desktop on your next update.

Thanks for your Support.


Ali Alreda

Madhav Paranjpe

Hello I have Whats app on my above phone number. There arer several friends of mine who are on my whats app. Some are individually and some under groups such as for examle MH73 and Veterinary etc. I could add individual whats app contacts to my google contacts, but I could not add contacts under the groups such as above, can you help me in this matter please, thanks.

lim jin joon

Log out 21hrs need to install urgently. History disappear new phone.

Kanaga Maruthamuthu

Contact me

Yasir MK


my mobil model is huawei8950

not aloud me video call option 

Justyna Dyki

Hi. Please can u give me my  history numbers back from 1st of  May till end of July 2017. Specially man named Robert. Very important.

Kins regards Justyna

Surinder Mann

My friend scan my whatsapp web.  I have reinstall my whatsapp. What can I do naw? I'm feeling that my personal details are not  safe. Please help me. Thanks 

Arina Akbaeva

Hello. I have a question about transferring all my information (messages, voice messages and videos) from old phone to new one. When I transferred my stuff there aren't all information, especially last couple weeks are gone, not all of them transferred. What I can do? Please help me to reestablish. Thanks.   

Arina Akbaeva

Hello. I have a question about transferring all my information (messages, voice messages and videos) from old phone to new one. When I transferred my stuff there aren't all information, especially last couple weeks are gone, not all of them transferred. What I can do? Please help me to reestablish. Thanks.   

Yaseen Essop
I need help accessing all my messages sent from 079 184 0077
William Peary
I made mistake an delete my account can you please help me to get my account back thanks
Gjanand Rathia
Whatsap acout band karna h
Malini Patel
Trying to reach customer service and having hard time reaching. What phone number should I call.
Judy Hoppes Monroy
My husbands account and mine are blocked why

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