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Intuit Online Payroll Software for Accounting Professionals

Intuit Online Payroll Software is an accounting professional software that helps to maintain the control over their clients' payroll taxes in an easier and safer way through the help of QuickBooks Online. This software helps the clients to experience flexible payroll and also to run payroll from anywhere, anytime. It helps to collaborate with clients in real time without the need of sending files and leverage wholesale pricing to pass savings along, or keep for themselves.

Intuit Online Payroll Software or quick books helps to collaborate with the clients online in an effortless manner and is also built in flexibility to handle payroll taxes while the clients handle paychecks. With the use of this software, the user can customize their access by setting the client's level of access which will be based on the particular level of involvement in payroll. They can run payroll on the go from anywhere on their mobile app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. Along with it, the software provides a better sight by using class tracking and job costing to uncover profitability insights for their clients and also provide Just-in-time alerts by sending automatic email reminders to help clients to stay on top of payroll tasks. It also simplifies workflow by payroll data automatically populates the books to the penny and no need to import files.         

Features of Quickbook

  • Convenient as clients can easily access payroll within QuickBooks Online
  • Simple to use as clients can run payroll within QuickBooks Online in just a few clicks
  • Time savings as it is efficiently reconcile clients' payroll through QuickBooks Online Accountant along with payroll data automatically posts to the general ledger
  • Up-to-date reports can be through QuickBooks Online Accountant such as the tax and wage summary report and the clients can tie payroll amounts to the trial balance
  • Essentials with Payroll
  • Track income and expenses                       
  • Send unlimited invoices                  
  • Manage and pay bills           
  • Create and send purchase orders            
  • Track inventory

The QuickBooks desires the clients to have a shopping experience as smooth as possible. To do so, they have a comprehensive customer service support team that can help the users easily to learn about know-how, purchase and use the Intuit products that interest them the most.

If any user is not satisfied with QuickBooks for any reason they can simply dial the QuickBooks toll free number within 60 days of the dated receipt/purchase confirmation for a full refund of the purchase.

The QuickBooks do provide Products and Services Support to their esteem clients. They help clients in regards to return or exchange of the product. For this assistance, the client can dial the Intuit product or service at Intuit Support.


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