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Optus Customer Service

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1800 780 219

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Get Instant Help with Optus Email Password Recovery Issues through Toll Free Customer Service Number

Millions of users across USA and other countries use Optus net Emailing services to stay connected with their mailing works. It offers a distinct mailing feature with offering all modern technologies that no other mailer service does. Subscribing this mailing domain means users have subscribed a secure mailing domain for their daily business and personal mailing tasks. It can be easily configured into any client mailer service or into any device with applying accurate mail server settings information.

Yet many users dial the Optus email Customer service number to contact customer service helpdesk to get quick solution for common Optus mailing issues that they face every day with their account. These errors can even lock them out from their account or at least block some features of it.

Common Optus mailing issues:

  1. Recover forgotten password
  2. change current password
  3. spam and phishing mail issues
  4. Recover hacked email account
  5. Email attachment is not working properly
  6. Error in sending and receiving mails
  7. Recover the answers for recovery questions
  8. Configuration with different devices and services
  9. Change mail recovery options

You can get quick solution with all these issues through the Optus email customer support number. It’s a toll free number and will connect your call to the customer helpdesk where an expert will help you with resolving these issues.

Services are given over phone with voice instructions in a brief manner and you will have to carry on the troubleshooting process by yourself with following those guidelines. Alternatively, you can avail remote desktop services to get solution directly from the expert hand.  

How to recover forgotten password?

  1. Go to the log in page from a desktop browser and click on “Reset password” button there.
  2. A new page will open type in your “My Account” username in the given field there and click on “continue”. 
  3. Now in next page, type in your registered mobile service number to get your 14 digit account number via text message. Or you can click on “Email my temporary password” option to get the temporary password through a mail.
  4. A message will be sent to your mobile number or email address. Enter that code into the given field and it will allow you to choose a new password for your account.

For more information dial the Optus email password recovery number immediately.


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