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What to do if your Opera Mini is not working on your iPhone?

If your browser is not loading or taking long time to load web pages on your iPhone and if you want to fix this issue, please follow the steps presented below.  

    First thing you need to do is locate and press the Opera Mini icon on your iPhone.
    Now try to load a page. If the page doesn’t load please tap the cross icon.
    Now tap the tools icon and then tap Settings.
    Scroll down to bottom and tap Advanced.
    The Protocol type needs to be changed. Tap Protocol.
    It will show check mark next to Socket. Please change it to HTTP. Tap HTTP to turn it on.
    Please go back and try to load a page. That web page requested by you will load.   

    Please make sure that your device is connected to internet. 

If you’re not convinced with the steps shown above and if you need urgent online fix for the problem, or if you’re looking for speedy online assistance for Opera, then please call on the given Opera customer service number. Call to get practical online solutions on how to install Opera Mini, how to download Opera Mini to iPhone, how to download YouTube videos using Opera browser, how to browse using Opera Mini, how to save bookmarks in Opera Mini, how to add and install extensions in Opera Mini, and more.

Call to receive a fix in less than 20 seconds. All types of issues associated with web browsing are fixed by the Specialists in less time. So what are you waiting for? Dial the helpline number if you want technical difficulty to be solved. 


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