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HP Printer Customer Service

HP Printer Customer Service

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HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number

HP is a printer company and worldwide people use Canon printer. So any technical glitch if you face with your HP printer then you can contact for Canon printer customer service. You can get customer service which is best from HP team and for this you can go to HP Customer Support Page on HP website.

How to Install HP Printer?

HP printer will not work on your PC if you have not installed the included drivers and software. You can download the software and then install it on PC or you can also install it through HP printer CD that comes up with HP printer. Through online download or CD you can install a HP printer in Windows or your Operating system. If you have a CD and your computer has a CD drive then follow below steps to install HP printer on PC.

  1. After everything has been plugged in turn the computer on.
  2. Insert the CD that came with the HP printer. If the CD does not automatically start, open My Computer, double-click on the CD drive, and then click the Setup or Install file. If you have downloaded the drivers, run the downloaded setup file.
  3. Follow the installation wizard and once completed your software is installed.
  4. Test the printer to make sure it is working.

If your PC has no CD driver or you have lost the Canon printer CD then also you can download the software for your HP printer from the official page of HP website. Once the drivers has been downloaded you can run the file to install the drivers on your PC.

Uninstall a wireless HP Printer

With the computer turned ON, open the Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs and uninstall all the HP printer software that is located there. Restart the computer, and then click on Start-Printer and Faxes to open the "Printers" folder. Make sure the HP printer icon is gone from that location. If it's not, then RIGHT click on the printer icon, choose "Delete".

How to set up a wireless HP printer online?

Because there are multiple brands offering printers in the market and they differ from each other in technical specifications and configurations. If you are able to configure the printer by following instruction that comes with HP printer then you are ready to print the documents using your printer. If you are not able to do so then there is enough online support available for wireless printer set up.

HP printer repair customer service phone number

If you want to get your HP printer repaired then you can do so and for that HP Printer repair customer service phone number.

How to download, install, and uninstall HP printer drivers

You can simply go to the official web page of HP and download the HP Printer drivers from there. After you have downloaded it you can run the file on your computer and follow the instruction to install it on your computer. To uninstall it you can go to Control Panel and then choose Add / Remove Programmes and choose HP Printer file to remove it thus uninstalling the same from your computer.

HP Printer Technical Support Number

HP is a printer company and worldwide people use HP printer. So any technical glitch if you face with your HP printer then you can contact for HP printer technical support. USA no. is 1888 738 4333.


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