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Hotmail and Its unbeatable Customer Service Features

Hotmail is one of the popular free online email services which is provided by Microsoft .Now these days, everyone want to open an email account on Hotmail .It is very simple to register a Hotmail Account by using some simple steps given below :

Steps to Register New Hotmail account are below :

  1. Go to Sign up – Microsoft account.
  2. Now enter your first and last name.
  3. Select your birth date.
  4. Choose your Gender .
  5. Now you have to be need to click on get a new email address under Microsoft name .
  6. Now enter the desired name before Microsoft account like @Hotmail,
  7. Now choose desired domain @.......Hotmail.
  8. Now type the suitable password for your Hotmail account in the option of Create password. Type the password again in the option of Re-enter password also.
  9. There options of recovery to your account such as Enter your phone number or alternative email address.
  10. After that set up a security question and answer. Click a Security question and enter the Answer of this question.
  11. Now select your location from the option Country or  code.
  12. After that enter the characters from the CAPTCHA image.
  13. Now click I accept. Now your Hotmail account is ready to access.

The Microsoft Answer Desk likewise gives Hotmail Technical Support Number to Hotmail users. A user can sign in with his Microsoft account or get a solitary use code to speak with Microsoft Answer Techs.

Some of the issues which you can face in Hotmail email account are Below :

  1. When no emails receiving in inbox.
  2. Issues with login to account.
  3. Problems to sending messages.
  4. Email not working on android or iphone.
  5. Language settings.
  6. When website page cannot work.
  7. Hotmail account hacking.
  8. When hotmail account blocked.

Microsoft has upgraded all Hotmail users to the email administration. Hotmail users are still have the capacity to get to their email addresses under their prior passwords, and their settings, messages, contacts, records and timetable exchange in like manner. Anybody experiencing issues with Hotmail email can call on Customer Support Number or utilize the Microsoft Answer Desk for users Technical support.

Hotmail Support is give you a best technological service. You can contact Hotmail Help group by rounding out the professional structure. You will get a call following day and the expert will help you in determining the issue that you are confronting.

Hotmail Help can resolve all issues relating to ill-advised working of your email. You can likewise Contact Hotmail Support for getting help with expelling contamination from your PC or any specialized issues identified with messages or PCs when all is said in done. Once if you have book appointment with technician help form, you will get  a call next day and you easily get solutions about your problems or any further queries.


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