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Edge Browser Customer Service

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Welcome to Edge browser customer service

Edge is one of the latest browser by Microsoft with its new operating system Windows 10. Edge has multiple new features and it looks completely different from the older versions of Internet Explorer. So in other words Edge is superior to Internet explorer both in looks and features. So when you use Edge as your browser no matter how new it is, it is bound to produce some technical glitches for you and here comes the role of Edge browser customer service team.

Technical support for Edge web browser

Because Edge is a Microsoft product so getting help or technical support for it is easy. You can go to Microsoft support page and choose Edge as your product. After that you can see information available on common issues with Edge web browser. You may find the answer here. If that is not the case then you can get technical support via Live chat, via email or through community forum page. In case you want to talk to the representative then you can dial technical help number also.

Problems you may face while using the Edge browser

Like with others browsers you will face problems with Edge web browser also. It is better if you know common problems that others face and so you may also face with Edge web browser. There are several kinds of problems which might occur to your Edge browser from the house of Microsoft, but let us see some of them.

  • Edge browser is relatively new in the market and hence there might be issues like compatibility on the Operating Systems in which this browser is not built in. In a similar way, installation and un-installation could also be a big issue.
  • Once you get the Edge browser installed on your system, it's not that you are done. You need to configure it properly for the optimized use of resources while browsing. But that's a kind of technical issue and guides may not be available on the internet. You can contact our Edge Browser customer support and we will provide you a complete guide to configuring your browser.
  • Most of the browsers are designed to store some data like bookmarks, passwords, and cookies. But in some cases, these data becomes so large that they start slowing down the browsing speed. So you may face this issue with Edge browser.
  • In some cases, Antivirus and firewall software interfere with the proper working of browsers. This may lead to unnatural browsing when you are using Edge browser.

Edge customer service phone number

If you are facing problem with Edge browser then on Microsoft page you can get help via live chat, via email or on the page of Edge product you will see information available pertaining to several issues with Edge browser. In case you still need further help you should dial Edge customer service phone number.

How to contact Edge browser customer care?

You can simply dial Edge browser customer care number and get the help. Alternatively you can get help via live chat and email also.


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