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Canon Printer Customer Service

Canon Printer Customer Service

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0129 408 4387

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Contact canon printer technical support

Canon is a printer company and worldwide people use Canon printer. So any technical glitch if you face with your Canon printer then you can contact for Canon printer technical support.

How to install Canon printer on PC

Canon printer will not work on your PC if you have not installed the included drivers and software. You can download the software and then install it on PC or you can also install it through Canon printer CD that comes up with canon printer. Through online download or CD you can install a Canon printer in Windows or your Operating system. If you have a CD and your computer has a CD drive then follow below steps to install Canon printer on PC.

  1. After everything has been plugged in turn the computer on.

  2. Insert the CD that came with the Canon printer. If the CD does not automatically start, open My Computer, double-click on the CD drive, and then click the Setup or Install file. If you have downloaded the drivers, run the downloaded setup file.

  3. Follow the installation wizard and once completed your software is installed.

  4. Test the printer to make sure it is working.

If your PC has no CD driver or you have lost the Canon printer CD then also you can download the software for your Canon printer from the official page of Canon website. Once the drivers has been downloaded you can run the file to install the drivers on your PC.

Canon printer customer care number

If you are not able to install Canon printer, not able to connect Canon printer to your PC or any other technical glitch with your Canon printer then you can get help on the web page of Canon website. If you still don’t find your solution then you can contact Canon printer customer care number. All India Canon customer care toll free number is 1-844-872-1206. Timing for calling is from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Canon printer not printing

Canon printer is great when it prints but you may find some time that for some reasons it is not printing. Sometime reason may be as simple as over use or under use of printer. Because if you don’t use it for some time and it is inkjet printer then it leads to dried up ink which blocks the nozzles. Misuse can also be one reason why your Canon printer is not printing. Paper clips, hair bands and even food can fall into printers and cause paper jams or can worsen the situation leading to printer not being able to print. So first way to check if your printer is not working is, an error message or warning light on printer. Make sure that there is paper in the tray, checking the ink cartridges aren’t empty, the USB cable is plugged in or the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. And if it is a wireless printer, try using a USB cable instead.

If you still find that you are not able to solve your issue then dial Canon printer technical support number.


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