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How to Set up Suddenlink Email on iPhone

How to Set up Suddenlink Email on iPhone

Suddenlink email setup on Iphone

Suddenlink is absolutely best when it comes to communication purpose and it is best solution for all business of any size. Suddenlink provides best technical support online for any issue a user may face. If you are looking to setup Suddenlink email on Iphone then follow below steps:

  1. First click the Settings.
  2. After that you need to scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. After that click the Add account option next.
  4. Next click on the Other option.
  5. Next you need to select Add Mail account.
  6. Enter in your Name, Email address, Password and Description.  For description, you can use the default offering or change it to anything you like.  Then click Next.
  7. IPhone will now confirm your settings.  Click Save to continue.

You should note that some domains may require you to enter in your email settings manually.

Suddenlink mail setting for Iphone step wise process

You can follow below steps to configure +Read More..

Charter email not working on iphone 6

Charter email not working on iphone 6

Get Solution if Email Account not Working

Charter email is a popular email service platform in USA. The service is offered by Charter Communications, a renowned telecommunication company in America. There are large numbers of people use this email service for business and personal communication. To use charter email, users need to set up the application in their device first. Due to lack of technical knowledge, users find it difficult to configure the application in their devices.

Charter email account setup

We bring you our leading Charter email setup customer service number to offer instant setup of Charter email. Our Charter helpline number is available 24 by 7 to every part of the world to offer efficient and effective solution. Apart from the setup we also offer solution for other issues like

  • Issues in sending and receiving email
  • Charter email spam +Read More..

How To Manage Profile Picture On Facebook?

Change Profile Picture On Facebook

How to manage profile picture on Facebook?

Have you prepared Facebook account today? Not a problem at all! The process of adding a profile picture on Facebook and the process of changing the existing profile picture are same. Most probably, you are familiar with the profile picture addition process, and you remembered it. Our post is only helpful for you if you have forgotten the same initiated by the gap of time. Here is how you can change your old profile picture or can add it for the very first time.

How to add or change profile picture on Facebook?

To do this job, you first need to open your profile. Move your mouse pointer to the [Profile Picture] whether you want to add or change. The [Update Profile Picture] option will be visible in this section. After it is clicked, you are suggested to follow the +Read More..

How to Install Lexmark Printer Driver on Windows 10

How to install lexmark printer

How to Install Lexmark Printer Without CD

To install Lexmark printer driver on windows 10, you need to know the plug and play requirements very well. The requirements, however, includes a network connection, an administrator, and a virtual private network. You should also know that the virtual private network should not be the part of the domain. Well, the administrator privileges or rights are required to install the printer driver.

With the movement of this write-up, you will get a reliable answer to your question, How To Install Lexmark Printer Without CD? Your job is to follow our instructions which are in actual the instructions of customer support officers. In the beginning, you need to determine whether your device supports Windows 10 or not. You will not be proceeding if your device doesn’t support Windows 10. Also, the in-OS driver is required to support Windows 10. At present, +Read More..

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