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HP printer not working

If you are using HP printer which is air print enabled for printing from your Mac or iOS device, then simply ensure that the printer is connected to the same wifi network used by the Mac or iOS device.

If still HP printer not working on MAC then, try any of these solutions:

·         Restart your Wi-Fi router and then the HP printer.

·         Bring your printer closer to your Wi-Fi router. 

·         Update your HP printer and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware from the manufacturer         

HP printer not printing properly

If HP printer is not printing properly then try out following options:

  1. Use genuine HP printer ink cartridge.
  2. On the back of printouts check for ink smears.
  3. Use appropriate paper for printing.
  4. Correct the print settings.

HP printer not responding

If HP printer does not respond it becomes an issue. There are some possible reasons why it may happen. There may be jamming of papers, +Read More..

Linux Hosting Not Working

Linux is a free and open-ended operating system widely used for different kind of hosting server. Linux servers are very popular, widely used and safe. Since Linux is very secure and robustly built, you rarely face any issue. However sometime we may encounter with Linux hosting not working.  So what we can do if our Linux hosting is not working? Most of the cases we need expert and professional support to resolve Linux server issues. In some cases we may try some troubleshoot from our end to resolve the issue.

Linux server issues and solutions

While using the Linux server, there are some common problems, we all may face every now and then. Here we are going to discuss some solution in brief for resolving Linux server hosting. There may be various issues related to server configuration, DNS hosting, database etc. which we come across with Linux server. So, before going to any +Read More..

Hotmail customer care number for password recovery

Hotmail customer care number for password recovery

You can create your Hotmail account and you will be given an id and password. Using this id and password you can login every time you want to. And thus you can enjoy sending and receiving emails through Hotmail account. But what if you forget your Hotmail account password? Well, if you forget your Hotmail password for any reason then you cannot login to your Hotmail account. Now in order to access your account again you need to recover your Hotmail account password. This does not mean that you will get your old password again. This means that you will be able to set a new password for your Hotmail account. Using this new password and same old id you can again enjoy using your Hotmail account. Now in order to recover your Hotmail password you need to prove to Microsoft that you are +Read More..

Procure reliable solution for Google technical glitches-Give a call today.

One of the fascinating services and products are offered by google. It may include google chrome browser, gmail, google plus, google drive in single platform. Salient features which attract huge mass of population is authenticity of product, user friendly interface , google chrome has fast browsing performance, gmail can helpful to send and receive mail. Strong security is rendered by google for its services. Sometime user may fail to use the services and products in efficient manner due to malicious technical hiccup. To resolve the issue instantly, user can reach out google professional through voice guidance. Just dial Google Technical support Numberand seek incredible solution at doorstep. 

Some of the google technical issues that are fixed by brilliant technical expertise

  • Print command is unable to work in google chrome.
  • User is not able to browse on google chrome browser on android device.
  • Its difficult to respond to extension and plug-ins in error free manner.
  • Google chrome +Read More..

What is The Apple Tech Support Number

Apple tech support number  1-888-302-0444

Apple is a world famous company. There would be hardly any person in any part of the world who has not heard about Apple especially those who use mobile phone and laptops. So, Apple does not require any introduction. Apple iPhones are super popular and people wait for the launch of the latest version of it. Similarly Apple’s other products like iMac laptops, iPad, iTune and so on are hugely popular. Millions of people are users of Apple devices. Apple devices are technically very sound and they are number one in design sense. So, people buy Apple products with a strong belief that they will not have any problem with their device any time. But that cannot be true. If you use Apple device then over a long period of time it will have some technical problems which you need to solve. But how will you solve +Read More..

How do I restore my personal folders in Outlook?

How do I restore my personal folders in Outlook?

Outlook is an email service client managed by the IT giant Microsoft.  We can use Outlook both from our system and web. Outlook is hugely popular and used for both individual and business email communication. There are many features in Outlook, which are unique and user-friendly.

There are many users, who lost the personal email folders in Outlook. Loosing these folders can be very fatal if we have important emails in these folders. So, you may want to know how do I restore my personal folders in Outlook if you have lost them somehow. Fortunately, Outlook offers option to restore the personal folder as it maintains a log file. Read this article to know the process of restoring your personal folder in Outlook.

Steps to restore my personal folders in Outlook

  • Open your computer and locate the .PST file
  • Now open your Outlook in the system
  • Click on +Read More..

How to Change Your Mozilla Thunderbird Email Password

How to change Mozilla Thunderbird email password?

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the top-rated open-cross email platforms used by the billions of users in all over the world. Users can easily access their email accounts to send and receive emails. It’s very easy to access Mozilla Thunderbird with the help of a password. Users can also change their password on Mozilla Thunderbird whenever they required. The process is quite simple and easy to follow.

Follow the steps to change your Mozilla Thunderbird email password which is given below:

  • First of all, open your Mozilla Thunderbird and then tap on Tools.
  • Select Options and then click on Security.
  • Tap on Passwords and then choose Saved Passwords tab to open the password that you have saved.
  • Now choose an email account that password you want to change and then tap Remove.
  • Tap on the OK and then restart Thunderbird.
  • Now tap on the Get Mail icon and then enter a +Read More..

How to get Gmail to remember my password on Google Chrome

How to get Gmail to remember my password on Google Chrome?

Every time you login to your Gmail account you need to enter your Gmail id and password. Now you way want that Gmail remembers your password on Google chrome browser so that you don’t need to enter your password each time. However this is not recommended as it can be a threat to your Gmail account and your account may be hacked by an inappropriate person who can take wrong advantage of your Gmail account. So, you don’t need to do much if you want Gmail to remember your password on Google Chrome.  

Steps to get Gmail to remember my password on Google chrome

You can get Google Chrome to remember your passwords for different sites which includes Gmail. Whenever you sign in to your Gmail account, Chrome asks if you want to save your account info for it.

If you are signed +Read More..

How to Compose and Send Your First Email With Gmail

Using Gmail for your personal and business use makes a lot of sense. Gmail is quite a secure system and it's free. And on top of it, it integrates well with other Google tools. If you don’t know however how to compose and send your first email or any email with Gmail then it will not be much of use to you. As a user of Gmail you need to know how to compose and send information to others. You need to know how you can attach or insert information into your emails when you need to do that. You also need to know how to forward a message you receive or copy others on a message you are sending.

However sending email in Gmail is rocket science. Few simple steps and you can easily send your first email with Gmail.

Steps to compose and send your first email with Gmail

You can +Read More..

How do I get my HP printer to print from my iPhone?

How do I get my HP printer to print from my iPhone?

HP is one of the biggest IT companies in the world based in USA. It offers a ranges of products and services to customers from all over the world. HP is known for its laptop, computer, server and printers primarily. HP provides all kind of printing and imaging solution through its large variety of printers. HP printers are well built, efficient and loaded with features. Both business organizations and individuals use HP printers on daily basis. HP printers are user-friendly and can be connected with WIFI.  We can use HP printers from any systems even from our iPhone.  If you want to know how do I get my HP printer to print from my iPhone, you can read this article. Here we will discuss the complete process of getting HP printer to print from iPhone.

Steps to get my HP printer to +Read More..

How to set the reminder in Outlook?

You set reminder for important things like meetings, events, appointments and so on. You can do it in Your Outlook. You can set the reminder for important dates and you will not miss it among your very busy schedule. You can set reminder for all new appointments or meetings, for an existing appointment or meetings, for email messages and for tasks. The steps are very simple to set the reminder for any of these purpose.

Steps to set the reminder in Outlook

You can follow below steps to set the reminder in Outlook.

You can set reminders for all new appointments or meetings with below steps:

1.      First click File > Options > Calendar.

2.      Then under Calendar options, select or clear Default reminders.

You can set a reminder for an existing appointment or meeting.

1.      First at the bottom of the screen, click Calendar.

2.      Then open the appointment or meeting.

3.      Now on the Appointment Occurrence or Meeting Occurrence tab, in the Options group, you can click the Reminder arrow and then select how long before the appointment +Read More..

How to access your (EarthLink) email account using IMAP

Access (EarthLink) email account using IMAP email is web based email service and used by people from all over the world. EarthLink is popular among all kind of users including business organizations.  It offers user-friendly interface and lots of innovative features to its users. There are many users who want to access EarthLink through other email clients. So how to access your (EarthLink) email account using IMAP.

Using IMAP settings you can easily use EarthLink email with third party email clients like Apple mail, Outlook etc. If you do not know how to do the setup using IMAP, we are going to discuss the process in details here. Even if you are not technically expert, you can follow the steps and do the configuration to access EarthLink email account using IMAP.

 Steps to access your (EarthLink) email account using IMAP

How to get junk mail settings in mail

Get junk mail settings in mail

Your email account offers you various tools to manage your junk mail. All the spam messages can clog up your inbox and in future it can inflict viruses to your computer. Your account page gives you options for setting up junk mail settings through which it manages unsolicited messages the way you prefer. Like you can report individual junk emails to You can create settings to specify how spam is handled in your account and you can block particular email addresses so they no longer are there in your inbox.

Steps to get junk mail settings in mail

You can follow below steps to set junk mail settings in mail:

  1. Report individual junk mails.

    a.  First point your browser to the Yahoo page and then click "Mail" to log in to your email account.

    b.  +Read More..

How do I reset Firefox without opening it

Steps to reset Firefox without opening it

Firefox is a popular and widely used web browser. It stores all your browsing history unless you delete them. So, when you want to reset Firefox then you can do so even without opening it. There is a Refresh Firefox button in the Firefox safe mode window. You need Firefox safe mode window when you cannot open Firefox normally. If you don’t find the Refresh Firefox button on your version of Firefox, then you can also create a new profile and using this new account you can do a manual refresh.

So, using Firefox safe mode window you can reset Firefox without opening it. How? Well, you can follow below steps for that:

  1. Open Firefox in safe mode. In windows OS, hold down Shift key while firefox opens.
  2. Now, hold the same key when you choose a +Read More..

How to fix the problem of Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 7

Steps to fix the problem of Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 7

Internet Explorer is the web browser that is compatible with all the operating systems and there are various versions of the IE browsers for the systems. Web pages of large sizes can be accessed easily now and all those web pages that are unresponsive on other web browser can be easily accessed across IE browser. Windows 7 users faces issues working with the IE browser and the problems can be solved easily with simple troubleshooting steps.
Here are the steps to Internet Explorer is not responding Windows 7 –

Close the Unresponsive IE Browser

  • Close the browser by clicking on the ‘X’ sign in the top-right corner of the browser window. If the browser is not responding then force quit the IE browser.
  • Click on the Windows logo in the left-bottom corner and type ‘task Manager’.
  • At the top of the Start +Read More..

How to set junk mail settings in mail

Steps to set junk mail settings in mail

It is very compatible for the users to work on the mail which makes it easy for them to work and manage their work both for the personal as well as professional uses. It makes it very convenient for the users to get the access of their messages on the account as it could be easily accessed by them. The account which is administered by the offers various tools for managing the junk mail for the users. Spam messages collected in the inbox might cause issue to the users as it could create virus and harm the system. The account page offers the option for setting up the junk mail settings that manage the unwanted messages in the way you need to have them. Here are some of the simple steps to set junk mail settings in +Read More..

How to change my Suddenlink password

Steps to change Suddenlink Email Account Password

Suddenlink provides multiple communication features through its calling facilities and also Suddenlink router is used widely as the secured device for internet access. Now it might happen that user has been trying to change the Suddenlink password but is unable to do that. Also, for new users it is trouble changing the router account password for the first time. This article will provide all the necessary steps to change the Suddenlink account password through account settings or password reset process.

Here are the steps to change Suddenlink account password –

  • Open the router or modem login gateway through the IP ‘’. Login to the account using set account ID and Password.
  • Explore the menu and click on ‘Wireless’ to move to the wireless settings page. To edit the settings for the band choose either 2.5G or 5G.
  • Right +Read More..

Optus email account settings on iphone

Optus is the largest telecommunication company in Australia and offer widely used email service platform. The Optus webmail is loaded with features and hugely popular among users. It can be used different devices like PC, Mobile, and Tablets etc. without any hassle.

As an user the first thing you need to know the setting for Optus email. Here we will guide you step by step for Optus email account setting on iPhone.

Optus email account setting iPhone

  • Tap on Settings of your iPhone
  • Now select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' option
  • Tap Add Account now
  • Select Other in email account type
  • Now enter your name
  • Now enter the Optus email address in Address field and Optus password in password field
  • Select the email protocol type POP
  • In the 'Incoming Mail Server' section, in the 'Host Name' field:
  • In +Read More..

How to Set up Suddenlink Email on iPhone

Suddenlink email setup on Iphone

Suddenlink is absolutely best when it comes to communication purpose and it is best solution for all business of any size. Suddenlink provides best technical support online for any issue a user may face. If you are looking to setup Suddenlink email on Iphone then follow below steps:

  1. First click the Settings.
  2. After that you need to scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. After that click the Add account option next.
  4. Next click on the Other option.
  5. Next you need to select Add Mail account.
  6. Enter in your Name, Email address, Password and Description.  For description, you can use the default offering or change it to anything you like.  Then click Next.
  7. IPhone will now confirm your settings.  Click Save to continue.

You should note that some domains may require you to enter in your email settings manually.

Suddenlink mail setting for Iphone step wise process

You can follow below steps to configure +Read More..

Charter email not working on iphone 6

Get Solution if Email Account not Working

Charter email is a popular email service platform in USA. The service is offered by Charter Communications, a renowned telecommunication company in America. There are large numbers of people use this email service for business and personal communication. To use charter email, users need to set up the application in their device first. Due to lack of technical knowledge, users find it difficult to configure the application in their devices.

Charter email account setup

We bring you our leading Charter email setup customer service number to offer instant setup of Charter email. Our Charter helpline number is available 24 by 7 to every part of the world to offer efficient and effective solution. Apart from the setup we also offer solution for other issues like

  • Issues in sending and receiving email
  • Charter email spam +Read More..

How To Manage Profile Picture On Facebook?

How to manage profile picture on Facebook?

Have you prepared Facebook account today? Not a problem at all! The process of adding a profile picture on Facebook and the process of changing the existing profile picture are same. Most probably, you are familiar with the profile picture addition process, and you remembered it. Our post is only helpful for you if you have forgotten the same initiated by the gap of time. Here is how you can change your old profile picture or can add it for the very first time.

How to add or change profile picture on Facebook?

To do this job, you first need to open your profile. Move your mouse pointer to the [Profile Picture] whether you want to add or change. The [Update Profile Picture] option will be visible in this section. After it is clicked, you are suggested to follow the +Read More..

How to Install Lexmark Printer Driver on Windows 10

How to Install Lexmark Printer Without CD

To install Lexmark printer driver on windows 10, you need to know the plug and play requirements very well. The requirements, however, includes a network connection, an administrator, and a virtual private network. You should also know that the virtual private network should not be the part of the domain. Well, the administrator privileges or rights are required to install the printer driver.

With the movement of this write-up, you will get a reliable answer to your question, How To Install Lexmark Printer Without CD? Your job is to follow our instructions which are in actual the instructions of customer support officers. In the beginning, you need to determine whether your device supports Windows 10 or not. You will not be proceeding if your device doesn’t support Windows 10. Also, the in-OS driver is required to support Windows 10. At present, +Read More..

My Facebook account is hacked - How I can recover my account

What do I do if my Facebook has been hacked?

In the agenda to recover a Facebook account, you first need to launch the official web portal of Facebook. Go to the top right portion of this window and click Report/Block. Here you need to choose [This is My Old Profile].If your Account Is Hacked by some unauthentic user, you will be logged out of your current account. You will be taken through steps for retrieving the hacked account. As per Facebook Customer Service Number, your profile will be reviewed and deactivated after the Facebook management team able to verify your old account.

Scanning the computer is perhaps the simplest thing you can do for dealing with the problem. If it is unable to give you a result, what do I do if my Facebook has been hacked will be your next question. Do identify some of your +Read More..

How to Get Help On Facebook

How to Get Help On Facebook ?

Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform that is available free of cost for any one and every one to use. The reason as to why it is so popular is because the ease in using it. It has been designed to provide one of the most simplistic interaction between the user and Facebook itself. However if you have been spending too much time on facebook and wish to deactivate it temporarily, just follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to deactivate facebook account from app.

  1. First of all open Facebook on your browser or whichever device you are using to access Facebook.

  2. Next, type in your email Id or phone number and password to log-in into your facebook account.

  3. At the corner of your facebook account, you would see an icon with three +Read More..

How To Reset your SBCglobal Email Password

Reset your email password

Learn how to quickly reset your AT&T email password.

Forgot User ID / Password

I forgot my Password

  • User Id - Enter the information below to retrieve your User ID.

Contact Email Address

  • Password - Please enter the information below so you can reset the password for your account.

User ID

Last Name

  • User ID and Password - Enter the information below to retrieve your User ID and reset your password

Contact Email Address

+Read More..

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