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How to fix the problem of Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 7

Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 7

Steps to fix the problem of Internet Explorer not responding in Windows 7

Internet Explorer is the web browser that is compatible with all the operating systems and there are various versions of the IE browsers for the systems. Web pages of large sizes can be accessed easily now and all those web pages that are unresponsive on other web browser can be easily accessed across IE browser. Windows 7 users faces issues working with the IE browser and the problems can be solved easily with simple troubleshooting steps.
Here are the steps to Internet Explorer is not responding Windows 7 –

Close the Unresponsive IE Browser

  • Close the browser by clicking on the ‘X’ sign in the top-right corner of the browser window. If the browser is not responding then force quit the IE browser.
  • Click on the Windows logo in the left-bottom corner and type ‘task Manager’.
  • At the top of the Start +Read More..

How to set junk mail settings in mail

Set junk mail settings in mail

Steps to set junk mail settings in mail

It is very compatible for the users to work on the mail which makes it easy for them to work and manage their work both for the personal as well as professional uses. It makes it very convenient for the users to get the access of their messages on the account as it could be easily accessed by them. The account which is administered by the offers various tools for managing the junk mail for the users. Spam messages collected in the inbox might cause issue to the users as it could create virus and harm the system. The account page offers the option for setting up the junk mail settings that manage the unwanted messages in the way you need to have them. Here are some of the simple steps to set junk mail settings in +Read More..

How to change my Suddenlink password

change my Suddenlink password

Steps to change Suddenlink Email Account Password

Suddenlink provides multiple communication features through its calling facilities and also Suddenlink router is used widely as the secured device for internet access. Now it might happen that user has been trying to change the Suddenlink password but is unable to do that. Also, for new users it is trouble changing the router account password for the first time. This article will provide all the necessary steps to change the Suddenlink account password through account settings or password reset process.

Here are the steps to change Suddenlink account password –

  • Open the router or modem login gateway through the IP ‘’. Login to the account using set account ID and Password.
  • Explore the menu and click on ‘Wireless’ to move to the wireless settings page. To edit the settings for the band choose either 2.5G or 5G.
  • Right +Read More..

Optus email account settings on iphone

Optus email account settings

Optus is the largest telecommunication company in Australia and offer widely used email service platform. The Optus webmail is loaded with features and hugely popular among users. It can be used different devices like PC, Mobile, and Tablets etc. without any hassle.

As an user the first thing you need to know the setting for Optus email. Here we will guide you step by step for Optus email account setting on iPhone.

Optus email account setting iPhone

  • Tap on Settings of your iPhone
  • Now select 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars' option
  • Tap Add Account now
  • Select Other in email account type
  • Now enter your name
  • Now enter the Optus email address in Address field and Optus password in password field
  • Select the email protocol type POP
  • In the 'Incoming Mail Server' section, in the 'Host Name' field:
  • In +Read More..

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