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HP printer not working

If you are using HP printer which is air print enabled for printing from your Mac or iOS device, then simply ensure that the printer is connected to the same wifi network used by the Mac or iOS device.

If still HP printer not working on MAC then, try any of these solutions:

·         Restart your Wi-Fi router and then the HP printer.

·         Bring your printer closer to your Wi-Fi router. 

·         Update your HP printer and Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware from the manufacturer         

HP printer not printing properly

If HP printer is not printing properly then try out following options:

  1. Use genuine HP printer ink cartridge.
  2. On the back of printouts check for ink smears.
  3. Use appropriate paper for printing.
  4. Correct the print settings.

HP printer not responding

If HP printer does not respond it becomes an issue. There are some possible reasons why it may happen. There may be jamming of papers, +Read More..

Linux Hosting Not Working

Linux is a free and open-ended operating system widely used for different kind of hosting server. Linux servers are very popular, widely used and safe. Since Linux is very secure and robustly built, you rarely face any issue. However sometime we may encounter with Linux hosting not working.  So what we can do if our Linux hosting is not working? Most of the cases we need expert and professional support to resolve Linux server issues. In some cases we may try some troubleshoot from our end to resolve the issue.

Linux server issues and solutions

While using the Linux server, there are some common problems, we all may face every now and then. Here we are going to discuss some solution in brief for resolving Linux server hosting. There may be various issues related to server configuration, DNS hosting, database etc. which we come across with Linux server. So, before going to any +Read More..

Hotmail customer care number for password recovery

Hotmail customer care number for password recovery

You can create your Hotmail account and you will be given an id and password. Using this id and password you can login every time you want to. And thus you can enjoy sending and receiving emails through Hotmail account. But what if you forget your Hotmail account password? Well, if you forget your Hotmail password for any reason then you cannot login to your Hotmail account. Now in order to access your account again you need to recover your Hotmail account password. This does not mean that you will get your old password again. This means that you will be able to set a new password for your Hotmail account. Using this new password and same old id you can again enjoy using your Hotmail account. Now in order to recover your Hotmail password you need to prove to Microsoft that you are +Read More..

Procure reliable solution for Google technical glitches-Give a call today.

One of the fascinating services and products are offered by google. It may include google chrome browser, gmail, google plus, google drive in single platform. Salient features which attract huge mass of population is authenticity of product, user friendly interface , google chrome has fast browsing performance, gmail can helpful to send and receive mail. Strong security is rendered by google for its services. Sometime user may fail to use the services and products in efficient manner due to malicious technical hiccup. To resolve the issue instantly, user can reach out google professional through voice guidance. Just dial Google Technical support Numberand seek incredible solution at doorstep. 

Some of the google technical issues that are fixed by brilliant technical expertise

  • Print command is unable to work in google chrome.
  • User is not able to browse on google chrome browser on android device.
  • Its difficult to respond to extension and plug-ins in error free manner.
  • Google chrome +Read More..

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